Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cardboard Cultists, Creatures & Cthulhu

I was listening to NEWS FROM PNAKOTUS podcast the other day, they mentioned in passing that someone had a designed a papercraft ELDER THING (from the H.P.Lovecraft story At The Mountains of Madness) that you could print, cut out and glue together... I tracked it down... and a whole world of paper monsters has opened up to me!!
    I was really into Miniature wargames as a teenager, from the Games Workshop Warhammer universe... progressing on to historical wargames..and my favourite of all time was the old LASERBURN 15mm sci-fi game by Tabletop Games... I spent a lot of my youth in my bedroom painting figures and writing scenarios... then came girls and thrash metal... but that's another story!
    Anyhow - check this out... the guy who's done the Elder Thing is Wayne Peters... he's got a website called CROWSTUFF...and you can get the Elder Thing here :

   There also is a fantastic website called ONE MONK MINATURES.... not only are there CULTISTS, DEEPONES and a friggin Huge CTHULHU paper model... but there are hundreds of other paper miniatures to download for free!! - I've got to track some other geeks down to play some Lovecraftian cardboard horror games!! The guy who does One Monk also runs the Cardboard Warriors Forum where there are loads of links to other free cardboard models...

Another guy who's got some really nice Horror / Zombie designs is Adam Steel - he does DARKMOOK miniatures - some really nice stuff... he's got a blog - and looks like he's working on a downloadable zombie boardgame too... sounds great!!

Nearly forgot.... News From Pnakotus podcast is here:

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

At The Mountains Of Madness - Graphic Novel

AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS - Graphic novel by I.N.J.Culbard...  I picked this up at last years Thought Bubble Comic Convention... Mr Culbard himself was doing book signings - and drawing Lovecraftian creatures in everyone's books... I got me a "Gug"! - Fantastic!! - This book is so lovely - his drawing style is bold, the use of colour is just beautiful, the whole thing is a delight... This is of course an adaptation of the H.P.Lovecraft story, and Mr Culbard has done such a good job - I can't recommend this enough! - Apparently Del Toro's film adaptation of the same story is going to be made next year... with Tom Cruise..!!???... anyhow, turns out that I.N.J.Culbard is working on another Lovecraft adaptation - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward... not sure when that's going to be out, but I'll certainly be getting a copy when it does...

Also he's also doing a Lovecraftian comic collaboration with the guys from called  DEAD BEATS which looks like it's going to be great! - not sure when that's coming out either, but you can see the first few pages on their website...

I.N.J.Culbard also has done 4 Sherlock Holmes graphic novel adaptations and the Oscar Wilde classic - The Picture of Dorian Gray... He's a very tallented chap with excellent taste in literature.