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Walking Dead All Out War

These are the miniatures for the Mantic Games "Walking Dead - All Out War" Skirmish game. I painted the walkers first... Dry brushing them mainly grey, and then picking out the flesh bits with a rotting flesh colour, and adding the odd bloody bit here and there... I wanted to keep them quite uniform and muted, so that I could do the survivors full colour.... and they would stand out in contrast on the gaming table...

Great Great Grandparents...

Last week my Mother randomly emailed me a copy of an old Black and White photograph and said, "This is your Great Great Grandpa". But there was no other information with the photograph... so I asked for some more facts. My mother is Swiss. My sister who now lives in Switzerland has apparently been finding out some family history, and she's passed it on from my Grandma, (who is in her 90's and still going strong!)


This is a picture of my Great Great Grandpa, my Great Great Grandma, and their son (my Great Grandpa). 

My Great Great Grandpa's name was Carl Frei,died in 1890 probably in his 30's.
He was a "PROCURIST" ...translated means either being general manager or 'having general commercial power or having an office with authority' this with a publishers called Huber ( also Printers). He was their legal person who signed any documents. Sadly he died quite young. He fell off a ladder at work and broke his neck.

So my Great Grandpa (The small boy in the picture) grew up without a Dad .His Mum(Marie ) on the photo was very close to her sister and the two of them had a haberdashers shop together and brought up my Great Grandpa.

Marie Frei was a sewing teacher in a Swiss school...and also ran the haberdashers shop with her sister. The generation before her looked like this:
There were five brothers who lived on the Dutch/German Border. They came from Friesland( the very far North of Germany ...they were Huguenots (persecuted from France for being protestants)They became Ship's Captains, Dentists etc and one was a Goldsmith. This one moved to Switzerland, married there and Marie was his daughter.

This next picture is My Great Grandpa (My Swiss Grandma's father, and the small boy from the first picture) as a young man at Munich University.

And this last one is my Great Grandpa as an Art Historian, Archeologist and Museum Curator. This is how my mum remembers her Grandpa.

Thanks to my family for passing this on!


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Shadows of Brimstone - Swamp Slugs!

Swamp Slugs
I went for some unusual colour choices rather than going for a "traditional" slug colour scheme... I hate slugs. I couldn't bear to paint realistic looking slugs! - Yeurkk!!