Saturday, 19 March 2016

15mm Octopoid Cultist summoning attack squad with Tentacle Beastie

(Winged tentacle beast - from Reaper minis)

(Octopoids from

(Cthuloid cultists from Khurasan miniatures)

(Re-purposed Ion Age Vehicles)

This is my latest army idea for GRUNTZ. I was given the Cthulhu figure at Xmas from our local boardgames club "secret santa" event... I thought It would go well with the Khurasan Cultists and Octopoid dudes from I already had... and I liked the look of the mono-bikes and weird tank sphere from Ion Age - The Cultists came with extra heads, so I swapped them on the bikes and tank. I would have liked to sculpt some flapping cloaks onto the bikers - but I wasn't confident enough  with my modelling skills for that... but I think they turned out ok...