Thursday, 23 March 2017

....I have been mainly listening to...

I do some early morning and delivery shifts at work. Not only are they the best part of the job as I get to work alone and be self motivated, but I can also listen to podcasts whilst I work. Here are my favourite podcasts of the moment...


 The H.P.Lovecraft Literary Podcast - My all time favourite. Chad and Chris talk about horror, weird and supernatural fiction... they started out working their way through all of H.P.Lovecraft's stories... and they've moved on to cover other authors over the years - some classic tales, and some pretty obscure ones, all with a constant professionalism and great sense of humour. They have one free episode per month, and to hear the other content you have to subscribe (It's $6.66 per month) which is pretty cheap really... it's the only podcast I subscribe to. It's great.

The Cromcast - Another literary podcast, this time focusing mainly on the works of Robert.E.Howard... they're on their 5th season now. They started off going through the Conan stories, then his other stuff like Solomon Kane, Kull and other adventure stories... currently they're talking about some of his boxing tales - which I'm not so much interested in, but the presenters are very engaging, and it is a very enjoyable listen. The three presenters have a fun but thoughtful style - occasionally they have guests on who are very knowledgeable - but a bit dry and rambling... (I'm not so keen on those bits).The three dudes from the cromcast have also got a spin off series going on called "Bourbon and Barbarians" - which is them getting drunk and playing some basic version of Dungeons and Dragons - It's good fun!

Blurry Photos - Is a podcast about weird "real life" or Fortean type stuff. They pick a different subject for every episode... The two Dave's who present the show have a very irreverent boisterous style - I think they must both come from some theatre/stand up background - they're constantly doing funny voices or bursting into song... but once they get into talking about a subject, they cover it passionately and in depth, and always with sensitivity if called for - they've got a huge library of episodes I've been steadily working my way through.

The Dice Tower Podcast - Is a weekly podcast about boardgames and cardgames. Presented by Tom and Eric... they talk about games they've played recently, have top tens of various themes of games and discuss anything you can think of to do with tabletop gaming. The episodes are quite short, but very enjoyable and professional. Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is a fortnightly podcast about boardgames, miniature games, cardgames and occasionally Role playing games. These episodes are usually 2 - 3 hours long. There are 5 presenters, all opinionated and with their own styles. They cover all aspects of tabletop gaming in depth. This for me is by far the best podcast about this subject. I look forward to listening to every episode - I can't get enough of it! I think Tony's news section is probably the best bit - but I enjoy all the discussions they have. Very informative, thought provoking and fun! and Robin Talk About Stuff... Ken Hite and Robin Laws design roleplaying games, mainly with horror themes... this is their podcast where they talk about anything that is of interest to them... some of it is roleplaying related - but they talk about all manner of other things, from films, to food, to weird history and folklore... Up & Sit Down - is another podcast about tabletop gaming. The previous two I mentioned above are American shows. This is a UK show, and I guess is slightly more relatable with occasional references to British culture. They have a fondness for social deduction games which I certainly do not share, but I like to listen to them talking about any subject. They have a nice style and fun attitude which I appreciate. Good job. I was in the audience for their live show at the UK gaming expo last year, which was great, I hope I can get to see them again this year.

So those are my top 7 current podcasts... all highly recommended by me to anyone who shares exactly the same tastes as myself!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Frost Giants and Snow Trolls...

Frost Giant

Frost Giant's Daughter

Snow Trolls

Frostgrave Barbarian for scale...

These are all "Reaper Bones" miniatures that I've painted for my Frostgrave games. I went for blue skin and shocks of bright orange hair for the giants.