Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lords of War - Templars vs Undead - now on KickStarter!

This is the kickstarter campaign I've been looking forward to most this year. I picked up a copy of the first Lords of War cardgame pack after playing a demo of it at this years UK Games Expo. I was really impressed. It is a 2 player strategy fantasy battle card game. It works really really well, the rules are easy to pick up - and it's really good fun. The artwork by the very talented Steve Cox is absolutely fantastic and appealing to folks of all ages and genders.

The game is very reasonably priced. There have been two double packs of cards released so far: Orcs vs Dwarves and Elves vs Lizard Men. These first two sets were self published by the makers (Black Box Games). All of the factions are playable against each other. For the third set: Templars vs Undead, they have decided to go down the Kickstarter route..... oh I so hope this reaches it's funding goal!!

The first 2 sets with their playing mats.