Thursday, 24 October 2013

X-83 Twintail Starfighter - Papercraft

This is another Star Wars papermodel that I found over at . I quite like the tail design - but I'm not that keen on it otherwise. There's not much detail on the ship - and I don't really like the shape. This is another Star Wars ship that I wasn't familiar with. According to Wookeepedia, it's only appearence has been in the "Star Wars Legacy" comic book series. I don't think I'll bother using this one in any X-Wing games.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Heroscape night!

A few years back I bought a copy of the Heroscape "Rise of the Valkyrie" master set at a carboot sale. York racecourse carboot I seem to remember... well it's been gathering dust on a top shelf ever since, the kids have been too small to play it, and although my wife likes to play boardgames - I got the game out once and set it up, my wife just looked at it and raised her eyebrows. It went back in the box.

I've been going semi-regularly to the Sheffield Boardgames Club for about a year and a half now, I broached the subject of Heroscape with some of the other regulars - no one had played it, but a few were interested. So I finally got round to organising a Heroscape night at my house this weekend.

4 players in 2 teams... troops deployed and ready for battle.
There were 4 of us in total, Karl, Dave, Kes and myself. We played 2 games from the pre-set scenarios that come in the rules, one as 4 individuals - and one as two teams of two.

In the first game Kes had Mimring the dragon - but left himself vulnerable and got completely trashed by Dave with his flying Valkyrie and grenade throwing army squad, whilst Karl and myself floundered around with slow moving troops not getting anywhere near the action fast enough....

In the team game, on one side Dave had the dragon and Karl had squads of vikings and men in black... whilst Kes had robot warriors & a Norse Warrior and I had a squad of alien Marro soldiers and an Army General. Dave's dragon was an easy target and was dead by the end of the first round... and then it didn't take us long to finish off Karl's squads...

The rules seemed pretty straight forward, easy to pick up - and good fun. I feel that now we've got the hang of it, we could get more into the tactics and play more games in a shorter time. Great stuff, I'm glad I finally got it out of the box.

Heroscape is no longer in print, after doing a little bit of research I found a load of information at  there is an online community there that produce homemade cards for various heroes (mainly using figures from Heroclix) which is quite interesting. Over the years there were 10 series of expansion sets for Heroscape - plus another couple of Big "master set" boxes. A search on ebay will find a load of this stuff.... and it is not cheap. I've got my eye on a copy of the 2nd master set "Swarm of the Marro" to add to this one.... maybe one day.....

Karl and Dave reflect on their defeat. Kes gloats and points out something tactical someone could have done.

The next morning.... the kids enjoying some modular fun!


Star Wars Assault Gunboat - Papercraft

Imperial Assault Gunboat - Papercraft.

Imperial Gunboat next to Rebel X-Wing.
Amongst the other pdfs of Starwars paper models I found over at was this Assault gunboat - I liked the look of it, but wasn't sure how it fits in to the Star Wars universe. So I looked over on Wookiepedia and found this info:
They are Imperial fighter ships with their own hyperdrive. Apparently they have only really appeared in the Star Wars X-Wing computer game. Anyhow - they look great, and after a quick google search I also found these images below on the boardgamegeek forums. Excellent.

I found the images below at this link:

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tie Advanced - Papercraft

Tie advanced papercraft miniatures for StarWars X-Wing game.


My Imperial papercraft force.

I think the "workstation" (kitchen) is in need of a tidy up!.... sorry Mrs.G!!

Papercraft PDFs of StarWars ships are available here:

The original designs are from this site (they have been re-sized by about 150%):