Monday, 27 February 2017

Shadows of Brimstone... more paint jobs...

I've been working on painting a bunch of Shadows of Brimstone related stuff... some official miniatures, some alternative models... and some just for fun...
Dark Stone Brutes

Some alternative Nuns as heroes.
The nun with gun is from Reaper Minis... the others are from Conquest Games.

Some alternative zombies / spectres (from Black Scorpion)

Tentacles (2 sets)

Preacher (Black Scorpion)...
no rules for horses in the game, so this one's just for fun.

Targa Pylons

Hungry Dead

Bandits. These are not very good minis, they come with the Frontier town expansion.
They seem over-sized compared to the other figures. Not much detail on them either.
I didn't enjoy painting them very much.

First Frostgrave Warband.... Green skins!

I like Orcs. I had a big Goblinoid Warhammer army as a teenager (all given away to a neighbor's son by my mother when I left home)... so for my first Frostgrave warband I thought I'd relive my youth and go for a band of gobbos! An orc shaman (witch) and his goblin apprentice... plus a selection of orcs and goblins with various weapons, and a wolf (as an animal companion option).

I snagged them all off ebay towards the end of last year... and I finally finished painting them. They were fun to paint!

Frostgrave Treasure Tokens

These are all the official Frostgrave treasure tokens... plus one I made myself from an extra Super Dungeon Explore chest with a Games Workshop crow sitting on it!

Frostgrave Scenery....

I've steadily been working on some scenery for FROSTGRAVE... I used mainly blue foam scored with a ballpoint pen... and painted it with grey emulsion and highlighted with a mix of grey and acrylic white paint....

The mat is from Deepcut studios. Fountain from "Blotz".

Skulls from a seaside souvenir shop in Scarborough... Barrels from "Renedra"

Wedding cake plastic columns ... plinth from "Amera"

Wizard circles from "Blotz" on pizza packaging stones...

Wooden walkways made from broken wooden fruit boxes - painted with acrylics.
Broken ladders from "Blotz"