Friday, 17 August 2018

Frostgrave - "The Living Museum"

Last night's game of Frostgrave saw two teams of warbands fighting it out in the Living Museum... 6 silent statues in the centre of the board standing guard over 6 treasure tokens. What could possibly go wrong?... Well quite a lot for my Orc team!
We drew Ulterior Motive cards before the start of the game, I had "Guess the ghoul" which brought 3 ghouls into the centre of the table... and Lizzy had "Oubliette" which brought a Minor Demon onto the table before we had even started! As the treasure tokens are picked up, the six statues would randomly come to life becoming medium constructs.
The table set up for "The Living Museum"
  After some initial good dice rolling, things went quickly down hill for my guys... in a struggle to get near the treasures, they had to take on the Demon and a Ghoul that just wouldn't go down... meanwhile Lizzy's spellcasters  managed to use telekinesis to extract some of the treasures from the centre - at the same time activating living statues to come and engage my soldiers...

  I managed to get two treasures off the board... and kill one of the statues... in a hard messy fight my soldiers got entangled with 3 of the statues at once - but then lizzy's wizard blasted the whole lot with an elemental ball - causing a bloomin' load of damage. In the end I managed to get two treasures off the board... and kill one of the statues and the Demon...  I had four knocked out soldiers (one badly wounded). Lizzy managed to finish off 2 ghouls and 5 statues (after I had weakened some of them!) before disappearing back off the table to her dingy laboratory to peruse her magical loot! Neither of us completed our Ulterior motives...

The Demon taking on some of my soldiers...

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

From B&M Bargains lorry... to WAR RIG!!

So - Inspired by my friend Kes's War Rig (see previous post)... I finally got around to working on my own.
I bought a £1.99 B&M Bargains truck... and stuck various bits of textured plasticard and stuff to it. The rusty cars on the side are just plastic party bag cars (8 for £1 from ASDA)... the chains are from a cheap toy necklace... I was lucky enough to score a bag of random miscast resin bits for £1.00 from the nice Ramshackle Miniatures chap when I met him at the UK Games expo - so that big engine thing with the arrows on was out of that. The crew are also from Ramshackle miniatures - from the 20mm vehicle conversion kit... and I built the ram out of plasticard.

Monday, 13 August 2018

GASLANDS - Bringing down the War Rig...

My friend Kes finished working on his War Rig... so this months Gaslands game night was spent playing two games of scenarios from the first Gaslands free expansion "Time Extended #1"... Kes's War Rig looks great - and is about 12 inches long (already 1/4 the length of the table!) - our two teams managed to stop him both times... but it was close!

Kes's Team - War Rig and support cars..

Liz's Team

My team - two buggies with rockets and a car with exploding ram...

The set up for the first scenario...

One of my buggies gets in position for a rocket strike...

Heavy damage causes the War Rig to Jack-Knife...

Lizzy finishes off the rig with heavy fire from the opposite side..


I've had all the bits ready to make my own war-rig for a while - seeing Kes's in action has inspired me to make a start on it... My £1.99 B&M Bargain rig is going to be half the size of this one however!

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

De Bellis Antiquitatis at C.O.G.S.

After enjoying my initial experience of having a go at playing "De Bellis Antiquitatis" (DBA) with 6mm miniatures at the "Joy of Six" wargames show a few weeks ago, I ordered the rule book, and printed out a set of paper tokens to try and get my head around the rules. The rules aren't very long, but the text is quite dense.. and a bit hard to fathom. Still enthusiastic however, I made contact with the DBA players at the Chesterfield Open Games Society via their Facebook group and asked if I could get in on a few games with them.
Nick and Simon from C.O.G.S. were keen to play and teach, and they roped in another chap (didn't catch his name) as a fourth person, so we had two games going on at once. It is much easier to learn by playing with someone patient who is already familiar with a game than trying to figure it all out from scratch from a book.  I ended up playing 3 games altogether and had a great time.
We played with Simon and Nick's miniatures and scenery, 15mm rather than 6mm this time (They use the same sized bases - just less miniatures per base)..
Game 1 - Swiss Army vs French Ordonnance Army (around 1500 AD)

Swiss pikemen anticipate a charge from the French cavalry

Game 2 - Marian Romans vs Revolting Sicilian Slaves (around 100 BC)

I was the Romans... It didn't go well for me!

The game going on next to me... Samurai vs...?? - all Nick's beautifully painted miniatures.

Game 3 - Romans vs Sicilians again - a much closer game this time...
 but Simon's Sicilians were triumphant in the end..
I am going to work on a couple of armies... Romans for sure, as they have so many enemies! - and Ancient Britons I think to start with. I think I will go with 6mm for my first two armies, as the miniatures are pretty cheap...

Thanks again to Nick and Simon for teaching, and letting me play with their stuff!

Friday, 27 July 2018

Frostgrave - "The Silent Tower" scenario

A successful adventure for my Orc Witch and his warband... It was the "Silent Tower" scenario from the main rulebook and we used the Ulterior Motive cards... mine was "capturing starlight" and Lizzys was "Rescue mission". Off to a good start - both my archers took out members of the opposite team with high rolls on their first shots! Both teams managed to get two treasure tokens each off the board with out any trouble... a couple of skeletons wandered onto the board at one point, but were soon finished off by Lizzys apprentice made it to the runic stone at the end of the third turn, just as the sky went dark reducing all line of sight to 12", and successfully completed the "capturing starlight" mission. 
The table set up for "the silent tower"
Then things started to go badly for my opposition... Lizzys Apprentice tried to make it to the magic gateway to complete her Ulterior motive, failed twice to roll a success, and was quickly intercepted and finished off by a couple of my team. Whilst Lizzys wizard was being harassed by one of my archers, my Witch made it to the top of the tower and picked up the special treasure... at this point an angry bear wandered on... Lizzys crossbowmen tried to get into a position where they could get a shot at my slowly descending witch, but they couldn't get a clear shot... the angry bear spotted Lizzy's weakened wizard and ran at him adding to his misery by bitting of his toes leaving a permanent injury... my Witch then made it off the board ending the game. The special treasure was worth 3 rolls on the treasure table... so I ended up with a couple of new grimoires, a nice amount of gold and some magic "robes of arrow turning" which will be handy against Lizzys team of crossbowmen in future battles!


Dungeon Saga - more Adventurers...

These are some of the extra adventurers that come with expansion sets for Dungeon Saga.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Joy of Six 2018.... 6mm wargames show...

I found out about the "Joy of Six" wargames convention last year, unfortunately it was after it had been on. I made a determined effort to get there this year (which wasn't too hard as it is held at one of the Universities in my home city of Sheffield!). The "Joy of Six" is a convention specifically for 6mm scale wargames... which means tiny figures... but lots of them - and scope for playing all kinds of battles.

I would estimate there being around 150 people there, there were 24 games on the go, and about 10 stalls selling 6mm miniatures, scenery and rulebooks...
I got to play two games whilst I was there; A game of "Commands and Colors Ancients" - actually a boardgame by Richard Borg quite similar to his "Memoir 44" game - but we played on a handmade board with 6mm armies replacing the tokens, which was very cool! And I got taught how to play a game of "De Bellis Antiquitatis" by one of the Chesterfield gamers from C.O.G.S. which I really liked. A quick tactical battle game played on a small 24"x24" board. I really enjoyed both games, and I have now ordered the De Bellis Antiquitatis rulebook. The C.O.G.S. guys play "DBA" regularily, so I'm hoping I can get over and play some more with them...

Commands and Colors Ancients
De Bellis Antiquitatis
It was a really great day out, I met some really nice people, saw some very impressive scenery, and got to play a couple of excellent games. I picked up a couple of cheap Osprey skirmish rulebooks from one of the stalls too - "Broken Legions" and "Dragon Rampant" which look very interesting.

Here are some more random pics I took on the day: