Saturday, 18 January 2020

TT Combat terrain for Frostgrave

I got myself this mdf terrain set from TTCombat for Xmas. It is the DERELICT ENCLAVE set.
TTCombat have some excellent MDF terrain. They are really substantial, and very good value for money. The kits don't come with physical instructions, you have to download the pdfs from their website - but they are very easy to follow, no text just images - kind of like lego instructions.
I checked out the various Fantasy terrain sets they do, and I liked the look of this one the best - mainly because I thought it would fit in nicely with my homemade Frostgrave terrain, and bring in some more platforms and an extra level for our warbands to run around on.
This kit was easy to make, and I really enjoyed putting it together. This particular set is modular, so you can plug it together in a variety of ways... 
I spread a little bit of wall filler over the parts where the joints are to disguise them a bit, then painted the whole thing with dark and light grey emulsion (tester pots from B&Q) to match the Frostgrave Terrain I have already made...

All the modular bits...

Just one of many possible configurations... 

The set mixed in with some of my homemade terrain in our latest Frostgrave game.

Frostgrave - "The House of Longreach"

"The House of Longreach" is the sixth scenario in the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign for Frostgrave. 
The set up for this one is that there are six magical portal archways on the board, and every time an archway is moved through you have to roll a D20 to see what happens - if you roll high enough you will travel to a special extra treasure room where a pair of Frost Wights guard some special treasures! But other results might be that you randomly pop out of one of the other five portals, or that you take damage...  There are 3 treasure tokens on the main board, and two in the special room. At the end of the third turn 4 Death cultists will turn up with a Zombie Troll sent by the Lich Lord to stop our Warbands from messing with his stuff! Special XP points are awarded for Killing Death cultists and the Troll, for a Wizard using a portal, and for a Wizard making it to the treasure room.
We decided not to use Ulterior Motive cards in this game as there was so much else going on.

The table set up... we mixed in some new scenery from TTCombat that had lots of archways in it.

We numbered the portal archways 1-6 for random travel results.

My Apprentice and two of my soldiers head towards one of the magical portals.

One of my Treasure Hunters runs to secure a treasure, whilst my Wizard, Rangifer and Infantryman head towards a portal.

Lizzy's Wizard and team make for the center of the board... and pick up some treasure.

My Wizard successfully summons a Minor Demon.
   The first few rounds saw both our teams trying to get guys through the portals.... mostly without success.. We picked up a treasure token each, and my wizard summoned a Minor Demon which he sent to pick up the center treasure. Lizzy's Construct intercepted him and a fight ensued...
   The portals really messed things up for our teams - separating out our guys, and quite a few figures getting injured trying to use them.
   Unfortunately for my Treasure Hunter, the Zombie Troll and Death cultists turned up just near him as he was about to get off the board... he managed to take out two of the Death cultists... but the Zombie Troll was too much for him..
   Lizzy's construct tore apart my Minor Demon and one of her other soldiers picked up the treasure and made off with it.

The first of my guys has made it through a portal to the special treasure room.

My Minor Demon has picked up the central treasure token... but Lizzy's construct really wants it!

My Apprentice and her Demon Imp are attacked by a giant Ice Spider.

My two Crossbowmen take shots at one of Lizzy's soldiers who has just appeared out of a portal. And miss as usual.

Lizzy's Wizard comes out of a portal and ends up face to face with my Wizard!
   We didn't do too badly for wandering monsters this game - we just got one giant Ice Spider, but my apprentice made short work of that.
   Over at the special treasure room I had two soldiers who made it through the portal... they waited at the entrance. Two of Lizzy's guys also made it through, and they ran straight in to take on the Frost Wights. They killed one, and whilst they were engaged with the other one, my two guys ran around to get to one of the treasures. Lizzy's dudes finished off the other Wight and got to the other treasure.
   Then my Wizard made it to the treasure room, Lizzy's guys were weakened from the Wight fight, and that was unfortunate for them. Soon there were only my guys still standing in the room, and both treasures were in their hands.

Two of my soldiers wait for an opportune moment to run into the treasure room... whilst two of Lizzy's team take on the Frost Wights.

Lizzy's guys have got the special treasure... but my Wizard has also made it to the treasure room...

So close to the edge of the board... but my Treasure Hunter is about to be knocked out by the Zombie Troll.
  Over on the main table, only Lizzy's Wizard was left of her team on the board - her other guys had either made it off or were knocked out. Lizzy's Wizard was pretty weak, so she decided to get him off the board too...
   In the end there were a lot of casualties - I think 6 of Lizzy's team were knocked out, and 5 of mine were. There were no fatalities, but a couple of Lizzy's guys, and one of mine are going to have to sit out the next game or be replaced. Lizzy secured two of the treasures, and I got three including the special treasure, which is a magical gem that can suck up damage... but if it takes over 5 it is destroyed. Pretty cool. We got just over 200 XP each, so we can go up a couple of levels. My Wizard is now level 10.
   I really enjoyed this one, the portals were great fun, and really mixed up the situation, It was hard for our guys to stick in groups to mob up on opponents.
   What will the Lich Lord have for us to contend with in the next game....?

Painting Skeletons - step by step...

I went over to the Wargames Foundry Miniatures shop on my birthday, I picked up a few things - some Foundry paints, the fantastic Kev Dallimore painting guide book, and a few packs from their Fantasy range of 28mm miniatures that I couldn't resist - including these excellent skeletons rising from their graves

At around the same time over on the Frostgrave facebook page there was a fun painting "competition" running with an Undead theme... so I decided to take step by step photos to document my process for painting skeletons.

The paints I used were:

Undercoat - Halfords Matt Grey spray primer

For the skeletons:
Army Painter - Matt Black
Army Painter - Matt White
Army Painter - Machinegun Metal
Game Color - Cadmium Skin
Game Ink - Skin Wash

For the base:
Army Painter - Ash Grey
Revelle - Gunship Grey (Matt)

Snow effect:
PVA glue
Bircarbonate of Soda
Cheap white acrylic paint (from "The Works")

(These are the paints I used because they are the ones I had - but any similar paints will do a similar job I'm sure... this is just a guide to my personal process!)

Make sure the models have time to completely dry between each step.

Prepare the miniatures for painting, and spray with Halfords matt grey primer.
Give the models a wash of watered down Matt Black paint. Then when dry, drybrush with Cadmium Skin.
This is the start of painting anything boney!

Give them a coat of Skin wash Ink.

 Drybrush again with Cadmium Skin.

Drybrush highlights with 50/50 mix of Cadmium skin and Matt white.

Final highlights on boney parts with Matt White.
The bone areas are now done.

Tidy up the models by painting anything that isn't bone Matt Black.

Paint the swords Machinegun Metal (leaving dark areas where appropriate around handles etc)

Give all metal a coat of Skin Ink Wash for a rusty effect.

Drybrush highlights onto the swords with Machinegun Metal.

And now for the bases.
Drybrush with Gunship Grey.

Drybrush highlights around the edges of the base etc with Ash Grey.

For the snow effect.. mix up 1/3 PVA, 1/3 cheap white acrylic paint and 1/3 bicarbonate of soda into a paste and apply with an old brush in small patches to the bases - and ontop of gravestones etc...

Add a few tufts (Army Painter)... and they're done!

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Derbyshire - Ladybower Reservoir

Frostgrave - Run of the Rangifer

"Run of the Rangifer" is the fifth scenario in the "Thaw of the Lich Lord" campaign for Frostgrave. The table was set up as per a standard Frostgrave game except that when we placed the five starting treasure tokens, we also placed five "Rangifers" touching the treasures. Rangifers are a fantasy race of creatures unique to the world of Frostgrave.. they are beastmen, half humanoid, half reindeer - and they hate the undead! The special rules for his game were that the Rangifers were protecting their territory. They would act as normal creatures and attack us, but we would get extra experience points for each Rangifer that was still on the board at the end of the game... meanwhile a Frostwraith would be moving on to the board in the first turn, seeking to destroy the Rangifers. If either of us managed to kill the Frostwraith we would get a load of points. Of course there were also the five treasure tokens to try and grab, and Ulterior Motives to seek to complete... 

The table set up at the start of the game...
   Lizzy had "It Shall Be Mine" as her Ulterior Motive... this meant that if she secured the central treasure token it would be worth loads more experience points and three rolls on the treasure table at the end of the game.. it would also mean that if one of Lizzy's warband picked up the treasure then 3 lots of wandering monsters would immediately enter the board!
   I had "The Transporter" which set up an arcane disc within Lizzy's half of the board.. it could be activated once during the game, and whoever of my team was standing on it at the time would exit the game - they could secure any treasure they were carrying, there would be an XP bonus for every figure that exited this way... and an attempt at a roll for an additional treasure token with a bonus to the roll for every warband member that used the transporter...

Rangifers hanging out with their treasures... plus there seems to be a zombie coming out of a crypt!

A minor demon has been succesfuly summoned.

   So we were trying to secure treasure tokens whilst staying out of combat with the Rangifers. That was the general plan, but things didn't really turn out like that! The first turn saw us all trying to sneak nearer to the treasures, keeping out of line of sight from the Rangifers. Meanwhile the Frostwraith appeared and started moving towards the Rangifers.. Some of the Rangifers saw it and started moving to intercept... a couple of the other Rangifers spotted some of our team members and gave chase...

A Rangifer chases two crossbowmen up a walkway - "Stay back we don't want to hurt you!"
The Frostwraith is intercepted by two Rangifers in a ruined gatehouse...

   Before any of our guys could get near the Frostwraith, it had been destroyed by two of the Rangifers, who came out of the fight severely wounded... Whilst this was going on most of the treasure tokens were picked up, including the central treasure by one of Lizzy's team... this meant we were inundated by a load of wandering monsters all at the same time! Lizzy's Necromancer raised a zombie, and my magic users both managed to summon Minor Demons...
 This was a bit of a crazy game - I don't think we've had so many miniatures on the board at the same time before!

Lizzy's construct heads unseen by a distracted Rangifer towards the central treasure...

Whilst two Rangifers battle the Frostwraith, a couple of Lizzy's team grab one of the other treasures.

As the treasures are picked up a load of wandering monsters come on to the board at once -
a Minor Demon, two wolves, two snakemen and a wraith knight!!
 Lots of fighting broke out all over the board, and the Rangifers all got caught up in it... Lizzy's guys managed to sneak off with their special treasure token, and one of my thieves drank a teleportation spell and then escaped with another... whilst all this was going on my two crossbowmen ran along one of the walkways to avoid the fighting and dropped down and activated "The Transporter" - I was hoping to get more figures on it before it activated, but there was no way that was going to happen...

Whilst treasures are dragged towards the board edges, my wizard is mobbed by wolves and a demon...
   In the end Lizzy got three treasures including her special one, I got two - plus an extra one from a successful roll after using the transporter. Three of my team were knocked out including my Wizard., the Wizard was fine, but the other two have to sit out the next game. All of Lizzy's guys were fine. Only one of the Rangifers survived. I got just enough experience to go up two levels.
   In the previous game we played, one of the treasures that I got was "The Book of the Rangifer" this means that I can recruit a Rangifer to join my warband. It feels appropriate that we eventually persuaded the surviving Rangifer to join our team - there will be plenty of opportunities for him to beat up his hated undead foes (especially as Lizzy's wizard is a Necromancer!).