Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Frostgrave - Battle on the River

"Battle on the River" is the second scenario in the "Thaw of the Lich Lord" campaign for Frostgrave... the set up for this one is that most of the board is taken up by a frozen river filled with derelict boats and debris... there are 6 inch strips on either side of the river which are the river banks... at the end of the third turn a servant of the Lich Lord would appear from the central large boat and head towards the board edge carrying a special treasure....
So after the death of Lizzy's Necromancer in the last scenario, she was starting again with a new warband - Necromancers again. My summoner was now level 2. We decided to use "Ulterior Motives". I had "The Courier" which meant I had to nominate two particular warband members, and if they managed to exit the board on the opposite edge I would gain extra experience and select a free base upgrade after the game! Lizzy had "Cursed Artifact" which stated that one of her warband started the game carrying an evil treasure, and she would get extra experience if she managed to throw it down a pit 12" from my edge... she decided to place the pit inside one of the boats nearest my side of the board, representing a whirlpool or magical hole in the frozen river.

There were special rules in his scenario for movement on the ice... the first movement of a figure was normal, but a second movement in the same turn was only possible after succeeding a special dice roll, otherwise the figure would fall on the ice and be injured. There was a lot of falling over in this game!!

There were four treasure tokens on the board at the start of the game - we placed them in the four smaller boats on the river... As the game progressed we both started moving across the ice... we secured a treasure token each with out too much trouble... but picking up the 3rd and 4th tokens resulted in wandering monsters entering the game... two zombies and a werewolf!
Both my Wizard and apprentice succeeded in summoning Imps, and Lizzys crew raised a couple of zombies to bulk out our teams.

Whilst most of Lizzy's guys headed towards the boat with the pit in it, half my guys headed towards them - but ended up grappling with the werewolf! - Lizzy's wizard was keeping well out of the way (playing it safe after her disastrous Wizard fatality in the last game!).. My wizard and a few of my guys made straight for the centre of the board hoping to intercept the servant of the Lich Lord when he appeared.

The Imp that my wizard had summoned was taken out by some of Lizzy's team. My magic users can only have one summoned demon each at one time, so this meant my wizard could have another go at summoning. I rolled pretty well, only 1 point off summoning a minor demon - so my wizard took a wound to empower the spell and a minor demon was now under his control. At this point the servant of the Lich Lord ran out of the central boat just near my Wizard and demon and started to make a move towards the edge of the board... just as I was going to close in on the evil servant, Lizzy's Wizard who was lurking off to one side, climbed up onto some crates to get line of sight on my wizard, and successfully cast a spell which broke my wizard's control on his Demon. The Demon attacked my wizard and knocked him out with one blow!!...

A scuffle ensued around the Lich Lord's servant, resulting in his demise...and one of Lizzy's team running off with his special treasure...

One of the two guys I had chosen at the beginning of the game did manage to make it off the board on the opposite edge, fulfilling part of my Ulterior Motive. I managed to secure two treasure tokens, and had five, Five! of my team knocked out including my wizard.
Lizzy completed her Ulterior motive, throwing the cursed treasure down the pit. She secured two treasures plus the special treasure and got a load of XP.
After the game we rolled for our casualties. I rolled a "1" for my Wizard!! - The same as Lizzy had done in our last game!!... so that was that for my team... back to the drawing board for a new Warband for scenario three! Aaargh!!
This was a really fun game - I loved the mechanics for the movement on the ice... lots of falling over!! Lizzy did well to keep her wizard out of harms way but still use his ability to break my spell. I'm really going to have to try and keep out of her line of sight in future games...

Monday, 16 September 2019

Warhammer Underworlds - Godsworn Hunt

The Godsworn Hunt are apparently a Chaos faction in the Warhammer universe. I don't know much about all that, and I decided to paint my latest group of miniatures for Warhammer Underworlds as barbarians from the frozen north. It's a shame that Games Workshop miniatures are now so large in scale compared to most other manufacturers - so I won't be using them in any other games. However - they are very nice models, and lovely to paint.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Frostgrave / Rangers - Creatures

I have been bulking out my library of creatures for upcoming scenarios...

Rangifers for Frostgrave (North Star miniatures)

Spectral Horsemen for Rangers of Shadow Deep
(some old Games Workshop plastic skeletons I had lying around!)
Beastman (Reaper miniatures) and
Evil Wizard (North Star plastic wizard) for Rangers of Shadow Deep

Tuesday, 27 August 2019


We just got back from a holiday in Scotland. We stayed near Stirling. These are photos from various places we visited whilst we were there.
Loch Lomand,
Loch Lomand,
The Wallace monument park,
view of Stirling and the River Firth,
The Falkirk Wheel,
The Kelpies,
view of Edinburgh from the beach at Aberdour,
Rough Castle Roman Fort,
Rough Castle Roman Fort,
Rough Castle Roman Fort,
Hadrian's Wall,
Housesteads Roman Fort,
Housesteads Roman Fort,
Housesteads Roman Fort.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

(The Other) Partizan 2019

Today was the first proper day of my summer holidays! - We went to the PARTIZAN wargames show at Newark showground today...  It was Alfie's first Wargames show.. I wasn't sure what he would make of it.. but he said he had a good time! This is the second Partizan show of the year - and as it is in the middle of the school holidays it was a bit quiet. Next year they are going to move it to October apparently.

This Partizan show was half demonstration games and half participation games... and there were plenty of stalls too selling wargames supplies... I picked up some paints, a couple of mdf scenery bits and a couple of miniatures for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Alfie picked up a book from the historical Usbourne book stall, plus a few interesting dice he liked the look of.
We had a go at two games in the participation area... firstly we had an excellent game of British vs Romans using SHARP PRACTICE rules converted to use with ancient armies. This was organised by The Harrogate Wargames Club. We have only just seen the new Horrible Histories Rotten Romans film, so we decided we would be Boudicca and the Ancient Brits... we played against two nice guys who were the Romans, and experienced Sharp Practice players. Our objectives were to sacrifice some Roman soldiers, set fire to their watch tower, invade their fort - or just beat them into submission. We had no idea how the rules worked, but the chap who was running the game talked us through as we went along. Alfie did a lot of the dice rolling... and somehow we managed to win!! - It was a really good game, the scenery and painted miniatures were absolutely fantastic. I liked the card driven rules system, and it definitely got me interested into looking more into the Sharp Practice system.

After this epic game of defeating the Romans, we moved onto something completely different... I'm not sure what the game was called, but it involved teams of finger puppet animals moving around a board trying to tickle each other! This was organised by a chap from the RAF Cranwell Wargames Club. It was quite a short game... but good fun, and involved eating chocolate!

Here are a few pics from the demo area:

Frostgrave - Total Eclipse

FROSTGRAVE - THAW OF THE LICH LORD... scenario 1 - "Total Eclipse"

   We made a start on a new campaign with a whole new pair of level 0 warbands newly arrived in the frozen city. We are going to run through the 10 part "Thaw of the Lich Lord" book, which was the first expansion book published for FROSTGRAVE.
   Lizzy's new wizard is a Necromancer. Mine is a Summoner. Our wizard schools are aligned, so we have to take at least one spell from each others spell lists. To make things interesting we made a decision that neither of us would take the LEAP, TELEKINESIS or ELEMENTAL BOLT spells that we used so much in our last campaign...

   This first scenario is pretty straight forward; an Eclipse is happening, so the line of sight is gradually reducing as the game plays out.. we decided to use Ulterior Motive cards to add some extra flavour. I had "Draw the Line" which meant that I had to try and get two of my warband members in opposite corners of the table, and one of my spellcasters at a point between them, this would complete a mysterious ritual and an extra treasure would appear. I misread this...more on that later! Lizzy had "Payback" which meant she had a grudge against a specific member of my warband who had been bad-mouthing her Necromancer down the tavern... she chose one of my thieves, and if she knocked him out before the end of the game she would get a ton of XP...but if I managed to keep him alive I would get some XP instead...

The board set up and ready to go...

   As the game started to play out we soon realised that our level 0 warbands felt quite fragile compared to the level 30 ones we were playing with last time!! We both started to spread out across the board trying to secure the treasures... Lizzy's Necromancer summoned a zombie...and both of my Summoners managed to summon demons...unfortunately they were both the weakest sort of demon - Imps!
   Lizzy easily managed to secure two of the treasures, and I managed to get one... my thief who Lizzy had a grudge against, picked up another treasure token, but Lizzy cast a spell on him "Bones of the earth" which meant he was stuck struggling with a skeletal hand grasping his ankle! Meanwhile a couple of Ghouls had turned up on the board edge just behind him.... My wizard and an Imp went to help... one of the Ghouls and the Imp were killed, and then my Wizard managed to cast "Control Undead" and took control of the remaining Ghoul..

   Whilst this was going on, a big brawl developed in the centre of the board as everyone else was fighting over the last treasure token... Lizzy's necromancer produced a Demon in a bottle - so a Minor Demon appeared and joined in the fight...It was a bit of a blood bath - 4 of Lizzy's warband were knocked out, but her apprentice managed to snatch up the treasure token and limp off with it..

   Meanwhile...I had managed to line up two of my warband in opposite corners, and my Wizard got into position to complete his ritual... but unfortunately the two warband members were an Imp and a Ghoul.. and re-reading the Ulterior Motive card I realised that for the ritual to work they should be human members of my team who had brought special crystals with them onto the board at the beginning of the game! Doh!!

   My unfortunate thief was still hampered by the bony hand, so Lizzy's Necromancer ran over to try and take him out. This didn't go well for Lizzy, and my thief rolling highly walloped the necromancer out of the game. Splat. That was the end of the game as Lizzy didn't have anyone else on the board at that point.

   In the end I managed to get enough XP to go up to level 2, and I secured two treasures...getting some potions and a grimoir...one of my Thugs died. Neither of us completed our Ulterior motives.  Lizzy secured three treasure tokens - but then.... unfortunately rolled a 1 for her injured wizard, meaning he was totally dead!! Argh! - After all that? - how disappointing!  - So she is going to start again with a whole new (similar looking?!) level 0 Necromancer for the second part of the campaign.