Saturday, 9 December 2017

WARMASTER - Undead Army

Here's a project I've been working on steadily for about a year.

I was reading through an old copy from the year 2000 of White Dwarf (issue 243) and it featured the all new (at the time) WARMASTER epic scale (10mm) fantasy battle game... designed by Rick Priestly. The game is still highly regarded, but unfortunately no longer supported by Games Workshop. The original models can go for very high prices on ebay.... however the rules are available for free online... there is a growing active international Warmaster community, and there are a good handful of miniature companies that offer alternative 10 and 12mm fantasy miniatures at reasonable prices.

My interest peaked, I was lucky to get an original unpainted lot of Warmaster undead miniatures from ebay at a reasonable price. Not enough to make a full army, but with a bit of research I found that KALISTRA do a nice range of 12mm undead, so I bulked out the army with miniatures from them, and they also do the 20x40mm plastic bases which didn't come with my ebay win.

Some useful links:
WARMASTER REVOLUTION (Current free rules and army lists)
KALISTRA - 12mm Fantasy miniatures

Here is the finished army, It's taken me about a year to get it all finished:

Tomb King General


Skeleton Chariots

Skeleton Bowmen

12mm Kalistra Skeletons / 10mm Games Workshop Skeletons

Zombie Dragon

Bone Giant

Bone Throwers


Skull Chukkas

Liche Priest

Liche Priest

Liche Priest

Liche Priest

10mm Games workshop / 12mm Kalistra Skeleton Cavalry

Skeleton Cavalry


12mm Kalistra / 10mm Games Workshop skeletons

The Undead Army

Frostgrave - Wild Boar and Bear

A wild boar and bear both from North Star Miniatures for Frostgrave...

Frostgrave - Zombies

Here are some zombies for my collection of random wandering monsters for Frostgrave... they are old plastic Games Workshop zombies...

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Vehicles for Walking Dead...

I got all my vehicles done for The Walking Dead Skirmish game... The cars are from the deluxe scenery pack, The RV is the MDF one from Mantic... and the big truck is from WILKO (UK reasonably priced shop)...

Black and White photo challenge....

A friend on Facebook nominated me for a 7 day photo challenge... the theme was "Black and White, No People, No explanations..." I took one photograph from my phone each day.