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Rangers of Shadow Deep - Blinding Light - Part IV

For the fourth part of the "Burning Light" campaign mission for Rangers of Shadow Deep... we have moved up the other staircase above the Hospital to search The Abbess' Quarters...

(There are some spoilers here - so if you are planning to play through this mission yourself, maybe don't read this until after you've had your own game experience...)
All our heroes were feeling pretty healthy at the start of this scenario - they didn't take many hits in the last one, and most managed to heal up to full health. Our team has been bolstered by two extra members since the beginning of the mission, so now we have:

Alfie's Team:
Arthur - Ranger (level 6)
Malvolio - Conjuror
Fern - Guardswoman
Hattie - Recruit
Brutus - Hound (rescued in the first scenario)

My Team:
Jennifer - Ranger (level 6)
Archibald - Archer
Seb - (a character from the Bloodmoon mission who is now a companion)
Geoffrey - Warhound
St.Doneera - Ghostly Warrior Priestess (who joined us in the third scenario)

The set up for The Abbess' Quarters - It's a large room with very little furniture. They live a Spartan life these nuns! 
As we ascended the other staircase up from the hospital, our heroes found themselves in a large room. There was a desk on the other side, some bookshelves, and a couple of doors to smaller rooms to investigate. There was a very bad smell, a large hole in the roof... and three giant flies coming at us across the room!

All our guys emerge from the stairs into the room...
Some good dice rolls for shooting meant that we managed to take out all three flies between us in the first round before they could get anywhere near us!.. We then decided to split up into groups to investigate the room: Seb headed towards one of the bookcases, Jennifer and Archibald went towards one of the doors, St.Doneera and Geoffrey towards the other door, Malvolio and Fern towards the other bookcase, and ArthurBrutus and Hattie made for the desk... this was when two more giant flies came down through the hole in the roof and landed in the center of the room..

Archibald killed one of the flies with one shot... Jennifer missed the other one, but Geoffrey the warhound was nearby and ran over and finished it off... everyone moved nearer to their objectives as two more flies came up the stairs behind us...

As we spread out to investigate, two giant flies come up the stairs behind us...
Whilst Jennifer struggled to open the locked door of one of the small rooms, Archibald shot another one of the flies. The other fly moved towards Seb as he was the nearest hero. Meanwhile Seb was climbing up and investigating a bookcase. He had seen something shiny at the top of it... he succeeded his climb roll and found an interesting artifact! It will give him a bonus to his armour when fighting undead for the rest of the mission... and it will be worth some XP if he survives and still has it at the end!

Two more giant flies appeared in the centre of the room and attacked Malvolio and Fern... they were both wounded by the flies before Geoffrey and St.Doneera could run and help. Between them they eventually killed them both - but it was tough going!

Jennifer and Archibald struggle to open a door.

As ArthurBrutus and Hattie made it to the desk, they discovered the source of the terrible smell - the body of a dead Nun... The deceased Nun suddenly stood up and attacked them - at the same time vomiting up a cloud of nasty insects that tried to sting everyone that was nearby!! As they were in a group, they managed to gang up on the Nun easily, and put her out of her misery before she or the insects could do much damage... Jennifer and Arthur were still struggling with their door... and Seb descended from the bookcase and ran at the giant fly wielding his warhammer over his head!

St.Doneera made it over to the furthest door, and Malvolio and a wounded Fern got to the other book shelf. This was when a sinister black cloud wafted into the room - everyone had to make a health roll to avoid catching a disease! Luckily everyone was ok. St.Doneera discovered that the door she was trying was unlocked. Inside the room there was a bed. Occupying the bed was a huge bloated wriggling grub. Filled with absolute disgust at this unholy abomination she rushed into the room and stabbed it with her golden sword. The sword struck metal... making a really lucky roll to avoid even more disease, she ripped open the fetid body of the white grub to find a holy chalice inside it!

Arthur, Brutus and Hattie approach the desk...

Whilst this was going on, a red mist rose up from the floor of the room engulfing the giant fly that Seb was fighting, and seemed to invigorate it and make it even more dangerous.

Malvolio searching amongst the jumble of books on the bookshelf found an old diary, which may be useful later on in the mission? We will have to wait and see...

With all the possible points of interest searched, we decided to all turn back and make our way back to the stairs before anything else bad happened... this was when a giant spider scuttled out of a hole... luckily for Seb it ran over and pounced on the giant fly that was attacking him and dragged it back into it's den!

No more creatures were on the table... everyone did double moves towards the staircase. A large wolf burst out of the furthest small room and chased after our heroes as they were about to descend the stairs... we were pretty sure we would all make it down the stairs before the wolf got to us. And we all did apart from Malvolio. The wolf just caught him at the top of the steps. He turned and bashed it with his morning star. Rolling high -  that was the end of the wolf. Malvolio slipped down the stairs after the others - glad to be out of this stinky place...

Giant Flies attack!
We were very lucky on this part of the mission - we passed some difficult dice rolls, avoided a lot of potential disease, found some interesting stuff, and got a decent amount of XP - enough for us to both upgrade our Rangers to level 7! 

Fern and Seb were both injured, but we had an unused healing spell, and made a couple of successful survival rolls - so after that they are not doing too badly as they prepare for the next stage of the mission... "The Herb Store"...


I created all the floorplans for this campaign using the fantastic free resources available from

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