Monday, 5 November 2018


And so here is my first 6mm Army for DBA 3.0 (That's De Bellis Antiquitatis version 3.0).

Early Imperial Romans 25 BC - 197 AD (II/56 in the rule book).
They are metal 6mm figures all from Rapier Miniatures (apart from the bolt-shooters which are from Baccus Miniatures). The Rapier miniatures took about 6 weeks to arrive, but they were worth the wait, they seem slightly nicer models than the Baccus ones in my opinion, and they are also more reasonably priced. I ordered these Romans and also an army of Ancient British/Celts which I am half way through painting....
I decided to go for white tunics on the Romans, red shields, and white plumes on any helmets. The Numidians have blue and beige shields. The General has a white cloak and white horse to help him stand out on the battlefield.
In DBA the army you field always has 12 bases of troops, but you can choose from various options, so I have made bases for all of those apart from the Gladiators and Roman Light Camels (which I'm not going to need for battles in Ancient Britain!)...
1 x General on horseback (Cv)
1 x General on foot (4Bd)
2 x Equites (Cv)
4 x Legionaries (4Bd)
4 x Auxiliary Pedites (4Ax)
1 x Archers (4Bw)
1 x Slingers (Ps)
2 x Numidians (LH)
1 x symmachiarii (3Wb)
1 x Lancers (3Kn)
1 x Bolt Shooters (Art)

28mm Perry Miniature for scale comparison!

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